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A Community Engagement Tool

iSpillMap is an interactive community engagement communication and information cloud based tool designed by marine scientists with many year of experience in the field or oil spill response and training.

Transparency and timely information dissemination when oil spills occur, during response activities, and after the spill is very important to sustain the trust between the community, response organizations, and government agencies.

Information should be available through the incident command centre to ensure its accuracy rather than obtaining information through traditional media or social media that might not be as accurate which leads to more friction between the community and government agencies.

IOSTC has developed a cloud based application to allow providing instant information without the need for web designers or information technology specialists. Based on Google maps, the person in charge of public affairs enter the spill information and daily updates, including images and videos, through user friendly screens. The program also allows interested member of the community to subscribe to receive regular updates by email, and interact with the response team through social media (Facebook and Twitter). iSpillMap is a customizable program, it can be installed on your server or hosted and maintained by our team.

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  • Spill Information including images and videos
  • Instant updates to keep the community informed
  • Email updates to subscribers
  • Social media communication
  • Public events and registration
  • Volunteers registration

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